Who is the real leader of the Voronezh region?

Who Is The Real Leader Of The Voronezh Region Who Is The Real Leader Of The Voronezh Region?

Owner of DSK, member of the Federation Council from the Voronezh region Sergey Lukinwho did not allow PIK into the region Sergei Gordeev, is pushing out developers , clearing a clearing for itself. Details at Rucriminal.info.

Senator of the Federation Council Sergei Lukin and the company DSK controlled by him (the largest Voronezh developer) staged a formal redistribution of the construction market of the Voronezh region. And even the governor of the border region – Alexander Gusev – doesn’t solve anything. According to the source, serious people who enter the right offices at the metropolitan level decide. Projects announced publicly at the level of the head of the region are stalled even though the developers have all the documents and permits in their hands.

Our own people, from Voronezh, no longer come here with ideas, and non-resident investors are simply led in circles, creating obstacles at all levels, from small clerks in district administrations to the Rosreestr Office, where any decisions are blocked on a call under the most fantastic pretexts. And if the developer is serious, the district and environmental prosecutor’s offices are brought in against him, they are strangled with inspections, courts, and they demand the demolition of already built objects.

The Semiluksky district of the region suffers the most from the administrative resources of Senator Lukin. The construction lobbyist himself has collected so many projects that it seems he is no longer able to digest them all at once. Therefore, the depressed territory is rapidly withering away and degrading. While real investors are led through labyrinths, including government offices, delaying deadlines and exhausting resources.

Recently, at least two projects fell into the “trap” of Senator Lukin.

The first is a large Belgorod developer Pavel Tapashidi, owner of the Lemon Plus company, presented to Governor Gusev back in 2022 – the construction of a microdistrict on 230 hectares in the village of Endovishche. The investor proposed comprehensive development of the territory, with the construction of two schools and two kindergartens, with the construction of a skating rink, a swimming pool, several kilometers of running, cycling, skiing and walking trails, a lake, a recreation park – this is not even available in the regional center.

Who Is The Real Leader Of The Voronezh Region?

The second is a low-rise construction project in the Semiluksky district – the “South Park” village of a businessman Yuri Kondorov, is also experiencing powerful pressure from supervisory authorities. The administration of the Semiluksky district complained to the Investigative Committee and the prosecutor’s office about the illegal land surveying and the issuance of a construction permit.

At the same time, just before reaching the village of Gubarevo, the elite low-rise village “Leskovo” was built several years ago. All the houses in it have long been sold out, and on the secondary market the price of objects starts from 10 million rubles. The village was built by a Voronezh businessman Evgeniy Godnik. True, with the beginning of the Northern Military District, he emigrated and settled down with his family in Dubai, but he did not lose contacts with his homeland. And now he is actively developing a project for the construction of the elite village “Leskovo – 2” in the same Semiluksky district. Naturally, the proximity to the Lemon Plus microdistrict, designed for a wide range of buyers, does not suit the Godnik relocator in any way, and does not contribute to the sales of new houses.

How is Godnik connected with the DSK and the influential senator Lukin? And it’s very simple – the brother of the general director of DSK, and part-time deputy of the city duma Andrey Sobolev lives in Leskovo. Senator Lukin himself comes from the Semiluksky district. And the most interesting thing is that DSK is already building up villages around Voronezh with its high-rise panel buildings, and it’s no secret that the company has already begun purchasing land in the Semiluksky district. And when the business interests of serious people are affected – in our case, the DSK company – all means are good. And Senator Lukin has quite powerful means. Let us remember that it was he who did not allow federal builder PIK Sergei Gordeev into the region in 2017.